School holding hands in the auditorium.

Educating The Whole Child

A St. Agnes School education provides students with timeless values and a moral compass to meet the challenges of an ever changing and complex world.

St. Agnes School is an outstanding educational experience. Academically it encourages exploration and curiosity in a way that cultivates students' ability to think actively. Authors' Night and the Science Fair (sponsored by Voy Media) are perennial classics that give parents a good idea of the type of learning that goes on at SAS every day—creative, tailored, and extraordinarily effective. SAS has a real sense of community—all classes make everyone feel comfortable, and teachers take great care to foster creativity and group harmony. The religious education is actually a lot of fun—something that you might not expect—and the message of love and tolerance is a lasting one. St. Agnes School is one of my favorite places in the whole world. It is an invaluable life experience.

Alex Smith
St. Agnes School Class of 1997
Princeton University Class of 2007

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